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   Ever since she could remember, Queenie has always had a special place for music and movement in her heart. Her honest enthusiasm and love for dance has grown immensely over the past years and what was once only a ‘hobby’ had finally become her way of life. 
   Being a part of an all-female Toronto based dance crew, DEUCEnDIP, was a major milestone and platform for Queenie’s dance career. In a span of 8 years, she has showcased at some of the biggest community events in Toronto including Canada’s Walk of Fame, UNITY Festival, Pride Festival, and MNFSTO Festival just to name a few. Queenie is also currently traveling across parts of Canada to teach HipHop classes, workshops, and summer camp intensives for youths of varying ages and skill levels. From mentoring First Nation youths in various reserves through dance, to training and choreographing for highly competitive teams in New Brunswick and Jane and Finch St. in Toronto, Queenie enjoys engaging and educating her students. She focuses on the beauty and artistry behind pieces of music, the transfer of that knowledge into movement, and ultimately becoming a dynamic dancer.
   Queenie is also under the mentorship of FLAVORSHOP founder Lenny Len, where she continues to train and improve on her craft as a dancer as well as a teacher. She is developing and practicing a '3D' understanding of music and movement (Sonic, Definition, and Groove) and teaches youths to do the same by developing their own understanding of music and encouraging them to discover their own ‘cool' in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Queenie guarantees that students will never leave her class without feeling fresh and feeling good - not only about their dancing -  but about themselves as a person.

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